Milgraum Family Service Grant

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This grant is in memory of Stanley Milgraum, a NYC police officer that attained the level of Sergeant. When he was assigned to work in the Legal Division of the NYPD, he realized that he was capable of doing more. He attended Fordham Law School as an evening student and obtained his Juris Doctorate degree. Retiring shortly thereafter, he decided he was too old to start at the bottom and opened a general practice firm on Wall Street, handling court assigned criminal cases and pro bono cases amongst other things. This grant is established on the 25th anniversary of his passing.

The Milgraum Family is a true P.A.D. family: Glenn P. Milgraum (Touro Chapter), attained the position of International Associate Tribune (2008-2012); William F. Rothman (Brooklyn-Queens Alumni Chapter), attained the position of District Justice (Dist. XXI); and Robyn L. Rothman (Touro Chapter) is a recent graduate and active member.

This grant will be issued via check from the P.A.D. International Foundation. The Service Grant shall be awarded each year (so long as funding exists). The Grant shall consist of $250.00. The recipient is encouraged, but not obligated, to give “with no strings attached”, the monies to an individual, or individual(s), of the recipient’s own choosing who they believe would best benefit from receiving the funds.