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The Phi Alpha Delta International Foundation is able to continue its mission because of your support and generosity. By contributing to a campaign listed below, you'll help ensure that our work continues.

Online donations are quick and easy using our secure credit card transactions. We welcome donations of all sizes – whether it's a one-time gift, a monthly contribution or part of a matching gifts program. For more information on matching gifts, please contact your company's human resources department. 

2019 Day of Giving » Donate Online 

P.A.D. Founder’s Day of Giving, held each November 8th, offers Phi Alpha Delta members the opportunity to celebrate your Fraternity’s birthday while supporting our programs and membership. Donations received as part of the Day of Giving directly support student and recent alumni attendance at events that enhance their professional, ethical and academic development while enabling them to support their local communities through community service.

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P.A.D. Inspiration Fund » Donate Online

The Phi Alpha Delta Inspiration Fund is a new Foundation fund established to give grants to law school chapters, alumni chapters and district leadership to fund innovative and inspirational regional and local membership events.

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Fredrick J. Weitkamp Memorial Fund » Donate Online

The Fredrick J. Weitkamp Memorial Fund was created to honor the legacy of Fred Weitkamp, Executive Director Emeritus. Fred's dedication and love for Phi Alpha Delta launched the fraternity to unbelievable growth. Brother Weitkamp will be dearly missed.

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Cigar Event » Donate Online

One ticket for the next Long Ash Chapter Meeting.

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P.A.D. International Foundation » Donate Online

Donate to the P.A.D. International Foundation! Your gift will benefit the leadership and scholarship of P.A.D. members.

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Pre-Law Scholarship » Donate Online

This fund was created to help fund our Pre-Law brothers and sisters attend P.A.D. Leadership Events such as the Pre-Law Conference and Leadership Summit.

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A.J. Villmer Grant » Donate Online

The A.J. Villmer Grant provides funds for law students to attend the Phi Alpha Delta International Convention and Leadership Conference.

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David A. Benamy Grant » Donate Online

The David A. Benamy Grant provides funds for recent alumni to attend the Phi Alpha Delta International Convention and Leadership Conference.

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Jack Miller Grant » Donate Online

Jack Miller, our dear brother, passed away September 2, 2015. This scholarship fund made to the P.A.D. International Foundation is to honor Jack's many years of amazing dedication to Phi Alpha Delta. This fund helps students from Jack's "home district" (District VII) attend the P.A.D. Convention and Leadership Conference.

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Rick Pearson Memorial Scholarship » Donate Online

Rick Pearson, our dear brother, passed away January 14, 2017. This scholarship fund made to the P.A.D. International Foundation is to honor Rick's years of service and dedication to his beloved Phi Alpha Delta. The scholarship will be used to help young P.A.D. alumni, students or chapters in New Jersey receive legal and leadership training.

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Brigadier General Hill Grant » Donate Online

The Brigadier General Hill Grant provides funds for members who are, or were, in the armed forces to attend the Phi Alpha Delta International Convention and Leadership Conference.

Allan Jay Atlas Fund » Donate Online

On March 10, 2017 our dear brother Allan Jay Atlas passed away. He was an active member in Southern Florida as well as a member of Rasco Chapter. As a tribute to Allan, the Allan Jay Atlas Fund was established. The funds donations raised from this fund will help send a student member from Rasco Chapter attend convention.

Order of the Armadillo » Donate Online

The Frank J. McCown Permanent Fund

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Service Scholarship » Donate Online

Five $500 Scholarships are awarded annually to applicants who exhibit service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community.

C. Raymond Judice Grant » Donate Online

Last Past Supreme Justice C. Raymond Judice, passed away November 9, 2014. This scholarship fund made to the P.A.D. International Foundation is to honor Ray's many years of dedication and service to Phi Alpha Delta. This fund helps students from Ray's beloved Houston Chapter attend the 2018 P.A.D. Convention and Leadership Conference. If sufficient funds are raised, grants will be used to fund students from District IX and/or XXXI.

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Milgraum Family Service Grant » Donate Online

The Milgraum Family Service Grant is to honor unquestionable community service which is provided by First Responders and to show appreciation to those family members of First Responders who are also subject to the stressors felt by the unpredictability of the life of a First Responder.

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Coloring Book Fundraiser » Donate Online

All contributions made to the Coloring Book Fundraiser will be combined to fund one Rhonda Hill grant from Districts 18 & 20. The Rhonda Hill Grant is awarded to a spouse who serves in the military.

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Silent Auction Fund » Donate Online

Monetary donations are accepted in lieu of item donations to support the P.A.D. International Foundation’s Silent Auction during Convention, 2018. By donating, The Foundation may purchase an item and recognize you as the donor.

FJW Grants » Donate Online

Fredrick J. Weitkamp Grant donations are to help fund law students attend Phi Alpha Delta Convention and Leadership Conference. This grant is different from the Fredrick J. Weitkamp Memorial Fund.

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